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My Dad’s Caregiver Bumps Into Things…

I have an 88 year old father who needs constant care.  We hired an agent to get some caregivers into his home each day.  That, in itself works out pretty good.  There is one particular nurse who comes in the evening to get my dad ready for bed and I noticed that she bumps into the furniture like she is dizzy.  I decided to keep a good eye on her.  She gets to the house about 5pm and seems energetic and ready for the evening.  Just abut 6:30 I noticed she would go to my dad’s medicine cabinet.  He is on some heavy medication because of his ruptured disc; Oxycontin is what the doctor prescribed.  This nurse would take a few out of his bottle and then I observed she would swallow one shortly after.  I also noted that evening, that she had alcohol on her breath.  I immediately called the agency and they replaced her later that evening.  I know drugs are everywhere these days.  But to have to experience that someone you trusted with your Dad’s well being; doing drugs and booze while they are doing that is very unsettling.  I did hear later that she did get some help and is doing better with her drug problem.  Its funny how we hear about drug abuse and if we don’t see what it is doing to someone first hand we shrug it off.  It is a reality to me now that drugs are a problem and I know something can be done about this problem.

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Lake Worth, Florida Drug Abuse Info

Lake Worth, Florida has a population of 34,910 and a crime index of 4 – 100 being the safest.  If you lived in Florida you would have a 1 in 184 chance of becoming a victim of a violent crime and if you lived in Lake Worth, Florida you would have a 1 in 77 chance of becoming a victim of a violent crime.  The FBI collects information from 17,000 local law enforcements agencies and that is where they get the figures for these statements.  Just recently Lake Worth has had 3 murders, 12 rapes, 202 robberies and 234 assaults.  For every one thousand resident there are 62 of them that will be a victim.  Lake Worth has one of the highest crime rates in America compared to all communities of all sizes.  According to Lake Worth is number 42 in the top 100 most dangerous cities to live in. Not surprisingly, the nearby Miami drug rehabs are kept quite busy as well. reported early in 2012 that there was a meeting at the Poinciana Golf and Country Club where the residents of the Suburban Lake Worth were expressing their concern for the plans for a new drug rehab center.  The plan includes having the rehabilitation center at the former Clarion Inn located on the corner of Lake Worth Road near the Turnpike.  Alan Stevens, the CEO of Behavioral Health of the Palm Beaches, said “Turning the space into a drug rehab center can offer help to the many people fighting drug and alcohol addiction.  Our clients are very nice people and our clients are usually afraid of relapse.”

Molly Singer, a resident from just a quarter of a mile away, said “It shouldn’t be in the place that they’re building it.”

The Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office Deputy Chief Michael Gauger said “the site had a history of drug dealing and shootings.”  Though he was careful to say he’s not taking sides, he comments that crime is down in other areas where such behavioral health rehab facilities exist, such as near similar rehabs in Louisiana.  “This is a different kind of facility with a lot of controls.”

Through all of this there were some people who were in support of this action.  Evelyn Gorelik said, “They’re not hearing that this isn’t going to be criminals that are mandated by the court.”  That means some of the people in this facility will not be formerly charged with any crime.

Drugs are very harmful to all of us.  You may not see the effect it has on your everyday because you don’t use and abuse.  But if you look at the way your taxes are spent you find out that there a many dollars going to the war on drugs.  The town of Lake Worth, Florida is spending many hours to come up with ideas to help people with addictions.  If you know someone who wants to get off drugs get them to an inpatient treatment center, one of the oxycontin rehabs, or any facility where they can get safe and natural ways to detox and withdraw.  Something can be done about it.

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Springfield, Illinois Drug Abuse

Springfield, Illinois Drug Abuse

According to Springfield, Illinois has a population of 116,250 and a crime index of 2 – 100 being the safest.  If you lived in Illinois you would have a 1 in 229 chance of becoming a victim of a violent crime and if you lived in Springfield, Illinois you would have a 1 in 77 chance of becoming a victim of a violent crime.  The FBI collects information from 17,000 local law enforcements agencies and that is where they get the figures for these statements.  Just recently Springfield has had 7 murders, 106 rapes, 346 robberies and 1,033 assaults.  For every one thousand resident there are 78 of them that will be a victim.  Springfield has one of the highest crime rates in America compared to all communities of all sizes.  According to Springfield is number 43 in the top 100 most dangerous cities to live in. Not surprisingly, nearby Peoria drug rehabs are kept quite busy as well.

Late in 2011 the Springfield, Police Department Narcotics Unit and the DEA along with Central Illinois Enforcement Group made arrests of three people that have been identified as a multi-ounce cocaine dealer in the area.  Robert Williams, Police Chief said, “We feel we have seriously interrupted the flow of cocaine into the city of Springfield.  While this bust won’t completely stop illegal drugs from coming into our community, it clearly serves notice that we are going after the major players and will not hesitate to make additional arrests of drug dealers.”

The SPD narcotics Unit, DEA and CIEG got together and they executed a search warrant with the assistance of the Emergency Response Team and this resulted in the seizure of about 750 grams of crack cocaine which had street value of $76,000.  They also picked up $5,000 in US Currency, a loaded .380 Caliber handgun and many other items used in the making and distribution of crack cocaine.  The three individuals who were running these drugs were arrested and taken to the Sangamon County jail and placed on a Federal Hold under the direction of DEA.

Drugs are very harmful to all of us.  You may not see the effect it has on your everyday because you don’t use and abuse.  But if you look at the way your taxes are spent you find out that there a many dollars going to the drug war on drugs.  The law enforcement in your town will be very busy at all times fighting this war.  It may be that when you need one of them they will be too busy with other drug related incidents.  That is one way they can affect your everyday.  If you know someone who wants to get off drugs get them to an inpatient treatment center or one of the oxycontin rehabs where they can get safe and natural ways to detox and withdraw.  Something can be done about it.

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Weight Loss Tips For Men – Women – Teens

Everybody at some point in their lives figures out that they have a weight problem. They may face it when they look at the mirror or maybe a friend or close love has said something. Whatever happened it happened and you want to start losing your weight. The first step you need to take is acknowledge. Once you have acknowledged that you are overweight you can start losing weight.

The compiled list of weight loss tips below can be used for men, women, and teens. They are basic but useful. They will have you losing weight in no time. However I can only give you the information. It is up to you to begin and follow through.

Tip 1: State Of Mind

What you see is usually what you believe. The same way what you think is usually what will happen. Why is that? Because you will it to happen! If you want to see positive results you need to think about your weight loss in a positive manner. If you are thinking negative you will acquire negative results. Very simple but the battle is usually in your mind. Both physically and mentally. Once you have conquered positive thinking you can overcome everything else.

Tip 2: Fruits & Vegetables

Both fruits and vegetables are the healthiest foods for you. Start eating more of them. You can eat fruits for snacks and deserts while using vegetables to complete meals. You should also be aware that both fruits and vegetables are low calories. Giving you the ability to eat as much as you want!

Tip 3: Exercising

There is no escaping it. You have to exercise if you want to lose weight. Men, women, teens and even children need to exercise to keep growing and stay healthy. Come up with a routine that you feel is right for you. Remember you don’t need any expensive gym equipment. You can use your body alone and still get a good work-out. Read and learn the various ways to work-out using your body only and remember to always stretch first.

Tip 4: Water

Start drinking plenty of water. Water is an essential liquid for our bodies. It is the only liquid that can quench our thirst and help digestion. Start drinking at least 8 glasses a day or more if you can. The more water you drink the healthier you will start to get. Water plus a healthy diet is maximize your efforts in losing weight.

Tip 5: Alcohol

Stop drinking alcohol. Alcohol is unhealthy and doesn’t do anything good for your body. It only destabilize your brain cells and cause several types of diseases. Just give it up and move on to alternatives. Such as water, juice, mineral water, tonic water, and so on. Milk is also another great substitute. Try chocolate milk. You just might take a liking to it.

Tip 6: Appetite Suppressant

Take appetite suppressant. My proposal is to buy phentermine online and start loosing weight immediately. Phentermine 37.5 will help you to suppress your hunger, also phentermine hcl is safe diet pill that will improve your immune system.

No matter if you are a teen, woman, or man the above tips can help you lose weight. Use the information to get started on your weight loss journey. May you be successful and prosper.

The Modern Way To Lose Weight Naturally

Today everyone seems to be an expert on weight loss and weight control. How do you know who to trust? How do you know if the information is valid? Can you trust their credentials? These questions pass the mind often when looking for information on weight loss. Weight loss isn’t a small topic, it’s colossal. Weight loss can’t be learned in a day but you can learn the basics in a day. That is what I am going to teach you. I am going to teach you the modern way to lose weight naturally and healthy. You don’t need any products, services, or magic weight loss pills. You just need time, dedication, and commitment.

The modern ways to lose weight naturally and healthy.

Thanks to a lot of scientist, nutritionist, and researchers we have so many ways to lose weight now. The discoveries of the human body for the last century have been absolutely amazing. Modern weight loss hasn’t been better. Whatever your reasons for losing weight let us set it aside. I honestly don’t know why you want to lose weight, but it isn’t positive to dwell on it. Because most of the time if you want to lose weight its for positive reason but had a negative cause. To begin losing weight you need to change that.

Start changing your outlook on what you see as negative and turn it into a positive. The negative thoughts that you create will conceive negative results. While positive thoughts will give you positive results. Can you see the pattern here? Positive thought is the first step to losing weight. Once you have conquered positive thought you can conquer anything!  Positive thought should eventually lead into action.

Action is what will have you actually lose weight. The positive thought will be fuel for motivation and commitment. Both used properly can have a explosive effect on your weight. You can begin taking action by researching and planning the latest modern ways to lose weight. There are literally thousands of ways you can lose weight. You’ll have to swift through information to find what works for you and create a plan from it. For now let me give you some basic modern weight loss techniques anyone can use.

Exercising and dieting have been around forever. For as long as humans have existed I am sure weight has been an issue. However in these modern times we now have gym equipment and healthier foods. However you don’t need to buy anything if you don’t want to. Instead you simply need to switch you are purchasing right now. Instead of purchasing unhealthy foods start purchasing healthy foods. Along with eating correctly you should be exercising at least 3- 4 times a week. Keep your exercises short but powerful. You want to create lean muscle, not bulk.

Whatever we talk here, you will not accomplish a great success if you don’t take any appetite suppressants. My proposal as you know is Phentermine 37.5 mg – the ultimate weight loss diet pill on the market. Phentermine pill is prescribed pill, but should we be dependent from our doctor. Should our doctor take the decision that will change our lives, because getting fitter is positive life changing thing and everybody should be able to get this chance. That’s why your chance is with Phentermine.

Eventually you will learn more ways to lose weight then the workout and dieting routines. I urge you to use them! Experiment with ones that you believe will work for you and adjust your plan to suit your weight loss goals. Weight loss doesn’t happen over night but you can lose weight in a matter of days if you put your mind to it!

How To Lose Weight Effectively And Permanently

If you are reading this article you are obviously concerned about your weight. Thats great, because it is the first you need to take to get rid of your weight. Losing weight is never an easy thing to do for anyone. Sure there are those who don’t even have to try, but the majority of people have weight issues. This article is to explain how to weight fast, effectively, and most of all permanently. How does that sound? Lets get started.

State Of Mind

Losing weight is all about state of mind. If you give off negative thoughts you will receive negative results. The first thing you must do to lose weight is know you have a weight problem and want to lose it. When you want to lose it you will find ways to lose it. Are you getting the picture now? Positive thinking creates positive results. Always stay positive!

Bad Habits

Everyone has their habits and addictions but there always good and bad habits. You need to identify your bad habits and get rid of them. Your bad habits may be procrastinating to work-out, overeating, under-eating, or negative thought. Think about the opposite of your bad habit and start doing it. You will be well on your way to developing healthy and good habits.

Take an appetite suppressant

If your doctor finds it safe for you to take such medications as Phentermine hcl 37.5 mg then you should give them a try. Phentermine is an appetite suppressant that will reduce your food cravings and make you eat less. This way both your diet and exercise will be way more effective, especially if you are aiming for fast weight loss.


You can’t lose weight if you don’t know how to. Start researching on the latest weight loss techniques, methods, and products. Find out what people are using and read their reviews. Keep in mind that not everything will work out for you. Some things work better for others. Results always vary due to humans having such unique genes. Research and compile what you believe will work for you.


Once you have all of your research finished you will want to formulate a plan with it. Start forming a basic, concise, and easy to read plan. It doesn’t have to be anything complex it just has to work! Always write your plan down on a piece of paper(s) so that you have a visual reference. Having your plan written on paper will make sure that you actually start doing it. It gives you more of an incentive to get it done!


Executing your plan is what comes after planning. You should it with out wavering and complete determination. If something doesn’t work as planned, modify it. That simple, don’t give up just because one thing didn’t fall through. You have multiple ways of losing weight and you should constantly be trying to change. One more thing: have a flexible plan. The more flexible it is the more you can modify and adjust to suit your needs.

The above compilation will have you losing weight in no time, but you have to remember. Losing weight is not an overnight thing. You won’t drop 10 – 20 or even 5 pounds in a night. It takes time, dedication, and commitment. All you have to do is get yourself started!

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Choosing the Right Type of Phentermine

Obese people and those who find it hard to reduce their weight rely on diet pills to lose weight. One of the more popular diet pills that you can buy is Phentermine. This pill is can help you lose unwanted weight and jumpstart your way to a healthy lifestyle and a fit body.

Phentermine acts mainly as an anti-suppressant. Upon regular intake of this pill, you will notice that you do not crave for food as much as you do before. This can help you cut down on the amount of food you eat everyday, and thus, accounts for rapid weight loss.

Phentermine is a prescribed drug. You will have to consult a doctor if you want to take it and use with your weight loss program. Another reason why you need a consultation when taking this pill is because it comes in a number of types and you need to know which one is right for you upon your doctor’s advice.

Phentermine comes in various doses and types. You can opt to take Phentermine 37.5 mg, Phentermine 30 mg, and Phentermine 15 mg. These can offer you varied results upon intake. They actually differ in strengths. That means that if you are really overweight and need to cut down on intake you can take Phentermine 37.5 while those who are not that obese can take Phentermine in lower dosage. Phentermine comes in the form of either a capsule or a tablet.

You will notice that popular Phentermine pills come in two colors- blue and yellow. Both of these are Phentermine 30 mg capsules. Their effectiveness is the same and both contain the active ingredient Phentermine Hydrochloride. Phentermine actually comes in generic brands that are much cheaper than those that are branded. On the other hand, there is no generic for Ionamin, which is Phentermine’s time release resin form.

Eon Labs is the popular manufacturer of Phentermine capsules. You can also chance on the blue and white version of Phentermine which is the generic version for Fastin while the yellow capsules are the generic version of Phentermine.

The lower strength Phentermine comes in 15 mg capsules. This is recommended for people who are slightly obese and needs to cut down on their food intake. This is less strong than the yellow and blue capsule. The 15 mg Phentermine is also manufactured by Eon Labs.

The strongest Phentermine in the market comes in 37.5 mg. It is popularly known as Adipex-P and is manufactured by Gate Pharm. You can find a generic Phentermine of the same strength manufactured by Purepac.

There is no big difference, efficiency wise, when it comes to generic and branded Phentermine. Generic and branded Phentermine both have the same ingredients and affectivity. The only thing that is different is the price tag on each.


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Taking Phentermine with your Present Diet Plan

Your diet is very important if you want to lose weight and achieve the body weight that you always wanted. You can take any weight supplement with your present diet plan to make it more effective. You can try taking Phentermine 37.5 mg diet pills with your current diet and you will be amazed as to what it can do for you.

Without a good diet, taking Phentermine pills will not be as efficient. To get good results, you should stick to a diet. What you can do is to ask your doctor about a good diet plan recommended for your built and your daily activities. Your diet plan is made according to the body weight you want to achieve. A nutritionist or a dietician can make a diet plan for you if you do not have one yet.

A diet plan also depends on your lifestyle, you age, your health status and your body structure. Taken all this into consideration will help you come up with a good diet plan. A diet is not simply taking in less food- it is taking the right food at the right time. You should know how much you are taking in and how much calories you are burning everyday.

Phentermine diet pills can help you a lot in your weight management program. This is because Phentermine carries neurotransmitters that allow the brain in controlling one’s appetite. Normally, you would look and crave for certain foods. If you are on a diet you must cut on your food intake. By taking Phentermine diet pills, you will be able to stop your cravings and you will not feel hungry as often as you do before. This is a very fast way to weight loss if you combine taking Phentermine pills with a good diet.

Taking Phentermine pills allows you to lose your appetite and with regular intake, you can see the change in your weight. You will change your eating pattern in such a way that will help you lose unwanted weight. Going through a good diet will help you have the energy that you need by taking in just the right amount of foods. Eat only the foods that can do you good and can support the diet that you have.

Your diet when taking the Phentermine pills should contain a lot of vegetables and fruits. These contain a good amount of fiber that can aide in digestion. You should also take in grains for energy built up so you can burn your calories well when doing your daily activities. Avoid a diet that contains dairy products or excessive meat. A reduced calorie diet and Phentermine pills can help you achieve a healthy and in-shape body that will definitely make you feel good about yourself.

Lose Weight Naturally: Start Today So You Can Lose Tomorrow

The natural ways is always the best way. The world is very simple and life is generally very simple. But most people over complicate things. They look at simplicity as foolish and only for the immature and mentally challenged, but I am here to argue that point. Especially the point of losing weight naturally, rapidly, and easily. It can be done and if you continue to read below I’ll be happy to explain it all to you.

Lose weight naturally beginning today:

Water: Always start your day off with water. Water is the necessary ingredient to humans. It is what keeps us functioning and in good health. 8 glasses a day is the regular consumption level, but if you are drinking coffee and soda you should multiply that by 2.

Coffee & Soda: You should immediately stop consuming these two beverages. Coffee is just horrible for you. It is as addicting as a cigaret and cost more. Soda is even worst. The liquidly bubbles you are consuming are made from fat (one of the ingredients). If you’re consuming soda you mine as well be consuming acid because that is exactly what it is. Coffee and soda are also the prime candidate for obesity and fat.

Home Cooked Meals: Home cooked meals are cheaper and a lot more healthier if you cook them correctly. If you cook them correct you can eat more! Just think, you don’t have to starve, you can eat as much as you desire! Home cooked meals also make a lot more and can be saved for later or even a week later (freeze it). Not to mention all the savings you will have.

Exercise: You can’t go with out it if you want to lose weight. Start exercising and stick with a routine! Your routine doesn’t have to be anything too difficult but it should have make you sweat. The more you sweat the more fat you are losing! In the process you will begin to build muscle. To not build up muscle too much I would recommend you stay away from high protein foods and work on your diet.

Dieting: Yes, dieting is probably one of the easier and faster ways to lose weight. A few quick and simple changes in your diet can drop your weight dramatically is done correctly. The key is to have a diet that fits your needs with out starving you. When you do good on a diet don’t be afraid to help yourself to a reward; remember to stay focus though and not over indulge.

Alcohol: If you drink alcohol just stop now. It isn’t good for you health wise or dieting wise. It kills your brain cells, hurts your intestines, and can do some serious damage to you emotionally (you lose control). Instead try alternatives such as juice, water, smoothies, mineral water, or tea. Anything is better then alcohol, anything.

Appetite Suppressants: My advice is to buy Phentermine online and start taking 1 pill per day. Phentermine diet pill is not a magic pill, but will help the magic to happen. You have just believe that you can – motivate and encourage your will and will become a witness of you body fat reducing. Take phentermine together with your diet menu or with included if you have an exercise program.

Just use what you have read above daily and start changing your habits. Eventually you will see a change in your weight and in your personality. You will feel healthier, stronger, and much more handsome/sexier.

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Weight Loss Journey: Learning To Get Skinnier with Phentermine

Face it, losing weight is no easy thing to do. It takes commitment, dedication, and focus. I was fat for a very long time. I had tried everything from dieting to ridiculous work-out plans. Nothing ever worked for me. I bought more products than you probably do in an entire year. None of them worked for me. This article is my story. How I overcame my weight and became almost 75 pounds lighter.

How I started getting skinnier:

I will lie if I say that I didn’t drunk weight loss pills. I’ve tried maybe more than 5 types of weight loss pills. Don’t understand me wrong, I just wanted to improve and support my diet plan, but believe me they all suck except PHENTERMINE DIET PILL. Believe me or not, but this is the ultimate weight loss pill, that will make you slimmer in a very short period of time. If you wanna lose weight, my advice is to BUY PHENTERMINE.

There is also a catch. Phentermine pills will make you slimmer, but if you want to have a flat belly and tight body and muscles, you’ll have to work out in the Gym.

I desperately wanted to loose weight for my health and for my look. Plus I constantly breathed out when I climbed stairs or hard to move early in the mornings. I decided to give a shot and to buy Duromine / Phentermine. I bought it from Online Pharmacy ( if you want to see the link CLICK HERE ).

Another good thing about that pharmacy is that they offer free doctor consultation and do not require previous  phentermine prescription. Yes, they sell phentermine without prescription.

Got the pills 10 days later without any problems, they were shipped in discreet package. The only side effect I have experienced thus far is a nasty taste in my mouth and COMPLETE LOSS OF APPETITE!!!!!!! which is great. I cut out the sodas a month before I started taking phentermine and I started walking around that same time. I know that phentermine pill works with no exercise and little change in diet, but I also know that if I don’t change my lifestyle I will gain every pound back. I also think the lifestyle change is the key to ultimate success (not gaining the weight back after going off the pill). Fast results are what everyone wants with any product but its gonna have to be our jobs to take advantage. Believe me guys Phentermine pills are really helping to lose weight. After one week I had lost 5 pounds. After a month I was lost 22 pounds from my weight. I was really astonished when on the 3rd month from my Phentermine diet I was lost the amazing 54 pounds. I’ve reached my goal and I feel great now! :-)

A lot of people will grunt at what I am about to suggest but remember I’m the one who lost weight. Exercising is a must if you want to lose your fat. Simple as that. You have to exercise to lose weight there is not getting around it. You can do your exercises at a gym, home, or even outside at the park. Now a days parks usually have basic “structures” for you to work out on. You can do pull-ups, push-ups, sit-ups, and much more. Find a work-out routine that you can do and stick with it. I suggest working out for at least 4 days a week. This can be every other day or day after day. Remember to let your muscles rest.

In addition to your work-out routine you should have a diet. Your diet should not starve you. Let me repeat that one more time. You should not have to starve to lose weight! A lot of people believe you need to almost starve yourself. You are actually creating your body to resist that. Instead it will store as much fat as possible. It will go into what some doctors call “survival mode”. Instead of eating less try eating more. I usually eat between 4 – 6 small meals a day. My meals are packed with veggies and fruits. Veggies and fruits are both low in calories so I can eat as much as I want.

When you are dieting it is important to choose the right foods. You don’t want the nasty processed junk foods that most stores sale. You want the organic or all natural foods. While organic might be a little expensive it is definitely worth it. If you can spring for organic, try natural. Natural is just as cheap as “regular food” but is natural and will not have any processed additives or fillings.

While you are purchasing your food for your meals of the week remember to do the same with snacks. Keep your snack food as healthy as possible by eating organic or natural. Snacking isn’t an evil thing even though most weight loss gurus try to create it that way. Snacking is healthy and even needed. Just make sure you are eating healthy snacks and are moderating your consumption.

You can get skinnier! It isn’t a possibility but a question of when. It will take some time so be patient. Your weight loss goals need to be taken in small steps. Step by step you will make progress and eventually have the body that you desire.

Attention: Possible Phentermine Scam

Common Misspellings for Phentermine…

You will notice that while you’re searching something in Google about Phentermine, some results will point to pills with very close names. Keep in mind that the right spelling is PHENTERMINE. Be very careful with those other pills with related Brand names, they are NOT FDA approved, they may imitate the Real Phentermine pills. So here is the list that I have so far:

Phentermin, Phentermene, Fenterman, Phentermen, Fentermin, Fentermine, Phantermine, Fantermine, Phetermin, Fhentermine, Phen Phen, Fentermine, Fentermin, Fentermine, Phentermin, Phenteramine, Phentramine, Phentermins, Phentermines, Phentermin, Phentermime, Phentermyn, Phenetemine, Phentremyn, Phentirmine, Phenermine, Phentramin-d, Phentramin, Thentermine, Phetermine, Hentermine, Fyntermine, Phentermiine, Phentermi-ne, Phentamine, Phentirimine, Phentarmine, Phentirmene, Phentamin, Phentermean, Phentermeen, Phentrimine, Phentremine, Phentrmine, Phrentermine, Phrentermin, Phenternine Fentermine, Fentermin, Fenermine, Phentimine, Fentamine, Fentamean, Fentimine, Fentrimine, Fentremine, Fentrmine, Fentirmine, Fentermine, Phen Phen, Phen-Fen, Pen-Fen and Fen Fen.

I’ve also been in contact with the Pharmacy telling them how much I love their product and that I’ve been recommending it to people and because of this they’ve given me a discount code I can give out to people so they can get up to 10% off on all orders. I’ve highlighted the code in green below.

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Phentramine Diet Pills – Patent Pending

Phentramine™ Hoodia Diet Pill
Appetite Suppressant – ORAL

Patent Pending – Advanced Formula
Common Name: Phentramine
Patent Pending Phentramine diet pill that stops your appetite, ups your mood, and gives you waves upon waves of energy. Discover the reason for the excitement. All natural supplements.

HOW TO TAKE Phentramine

Take one or two Phentramine capsules on an empty stomach approximately a half-hour before breakfast and again one or two a half-hour before lunch. Because this product could cause sleeplessness, avoid taking a dose late in the day.


If you notice side effects, contact your doctor, nurse, or pharmacist


WARNING: Do not take Phentramine if you are pregnant or breast feeding. Phentramine should not be used by anyone under the age of 18. If you have a history of heart problems or high blood pressure, it is advisable to consult with your physician before taking Phentramine. If you have any doubts as to possible contraindications concerning any of the ingredients or the formula as a whole, you should contact your physician.


Certain supplements or medications may interact with this product. Inform your doctor or pharmacist of all prescription and over-the-counter product that you are taking. NOTES: Appetite suppressants are not a substitute for proper diet. For maximum effects, this must be used in conjunction with a diet and exercise program.


Store at room temperature away from sunlight and moisture. Keep out of the reach of children.
Though Phentramine is designed to produce effects similar to the most popular weight loss products, Phentramine is formulated from all natural, ingredients. The ingredients in Phentramine are: 20:1 Hoodia Extract, Guarana Extract, Proprietary Blend of Cha De Bugre,Ginseng, Citrus aurantium, Magnolia bark extract and Black Pepper

When taking Phentramine ™ Diet Pills, you just won’t want to eat ! Phentramine can suppress your appetite and give you a feeling of being full and satisfied.
Patent Pending Phentramine Diet Pills are the perfect solution. Priority blended with pure 20:1 Hoodia and a ephedra alternative Cha De Bugre. Hoodia’s effective and has been multi-featured on reliable and trusted news outlets such as, CBS’s 60 Minutes, NBC’s Today Show, MSN, CNN, and the BBC.
»  Phentramine’s Fast action formula
»  Suppresses appetite effectively
»  Helps cravings and blood sugar within normal levels
»  Helps in quicker & safer weight loss
»  Keeps you energized and makes you feel great
»  No known side-effects
»  No jittery/queasy feeling
Phentramine is an amazing and highly effective , all natural diet pill made with an exclusive blend  of ingredients formulated to help suppress your appetite, enhance your metabolism, increase your energy level, and help you lose weight and keep it off! Taking Phentramine with an 8 oz. glass of water a half-hour before breakfast and lunch gives you a feeling of being full and satisfied.We’re not promising you that Phentramine is some sort of miracle diet pill. You can’t just pop a few Phentramine every day, eat all you want, and lose weight. It just doesn’t work like that, we would be misleading you if we suggested it. Any attempts at losing weight should incorporate a program involving a sensible diet and engaging in some form of regular exercise.

Remember, in any program that you are considering to start to lose weight you should first consult with your doctor to ensure there is no danger in your particular situation.
Phentramine gives you that extra bit of willpower, and that feeling of well-being, and makes it easier to avoid snacking, and that keeps you feeling full for longer periods of time.

Cut back on your carbohydrate intake as carbs convert to sugar and into fat stores in the body.
You should also drink more water…
Water will rehydrate your body, speed fat loss and flush your toxins from your system.


*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

Consult physician before using. Read the label and follow directions.
Do not use if pregnant or nursing.

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